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The "Fetish" Collections


 "Infiniment" reflects the work around a unique flavor, to create delicacies such as Infiniment Vanilla, Infiniment Coffee, Infiniment Lemon or Infiniment Chocolate. Pierre Hermé's taste for detail and his insatiable curiosity lead him to unravel the mysteries of these products to reveal all their facets.

Flavors association

The "Fetish" collections also take the form of a combination of flavors, such as the mythical Ispahan which combines rose, raspberry and lychee. In chocolate candy, puffs, cakes or macarons, the association of flavors is reinterpreted and rethought in each creation.

The Pastries classics

Pierre Hermé also offers "Fetish" entremets directly inspired by the great pastry classics. "Fetish" Baba, "Fetish" Mont-blanc or "Fetish" Saint-Honoré offer a modern twist on these traditional cakes.

"Each "Fetish" is a new reinterpretation. Tame textures, shake up sensations, provoke contrasts... With pleasure as my only guide, I am inspired by the seasons to constantly explore new tastes." Pierre Hermé