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Juliette Lavat x Pierre Hermé Paris

Artistic director and freelance artist, Juliette Lavat accompanies the development of communication and identity of a number of luxury brands specialized in perfumery, cosmetics, fashion and fine dining. Her personal signature, poetic and feminine, combines delicacy and floral influence to convey an inspiring universe.

A tenuous golden thread to unroll according to one's thoughts, the motif comes alive to give way to a floral bouquet, skillfully disordered, an invitation to reminisce about distant memories. Volatile and moving flowers, touches of gold and petals give rhythm to the drawing, giving it a grain of exuberance.

With the graphite pencil as a brush, the shapes are revealed in black and white, then the shades of gray sprinkled with gold are elegantly written on the paper. The illustration seems to come out of a dream, the flowers seem to be swept away by the wind. The universe becomes dreamlike, the thread of memories unfolds.

« The drawing is a pure artistic creation, which pulls the thread of the memory. A memory that appears, disappears, slips through our fingers, escapes us, and then comes back to us in major. By playing in particular on changes of scale, more or less evanescent lines and also by graphic elements evoking sparkles, fizzes... The flowers are of all the dear memories, intimate, the soft moments, they assemble to create a visual, olfactory and gustatory universe at the same time. The star anise associated with vanilla, blackcurrant and rose evoke them, the greed. To push this idea, I decided to associate a touch of color while leaving a lot of breathing space to the composition. As for the superposition of the boxes, they create a new landscape, a new memory. » Juliette Lavat



"Time Regained" Macarons Collection

Reminiscences of gustatory memories and associated emotions. Sweet nostalgia of what were for Pierre Hermé, the Saint-Honoré, the Opera, the Tarte Bourdaloue, the Rice pudding and the Crêpes Suzette of his childhood, as well as the strawberry marshmallow candies, inevitable companions of the small or big gourmets.

With attention and tenderness, I tried to evoke the most intimate gourmet memories. A classic repertoire, simple evocations of childhood that I took pleasure in reinterpreting to create these "Madeleines de Proust" that move me as soon as I taste them. Each one will undoubtedly find its own story. Pierre Hermé

A new collection for which Pierre Hermé recalls childhood classics while reinterpreting them. The taste is then enriched with new contrasts and other sensations.

Discover the entire macaron collection in exclusive boxes illustrated by Juliette Lavat.