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Passion Fruit biscuit, small pieces of milk chocolat with fleur de sel, Passion fruit ganache and milk chocolate, milk chocolate.

A creamy, tender cake in which the milk chocolate softens the acidity of the passion fruit. 

Storage and consumption: keep in the refrigerator until serving.

Contains allergens: gluten, almonds, nuts, dairy products, eggs, chocolate, grapeseed oil and alcohol.

Recommended beverages: Tea, coffee or mineral water.


Weight : 360g


Price per kilo : 61€.

Defrosted product/ Do not re-freeze:

About our manufacturing techniques.

Creations from Pierre Hermé in Paris are produced in our own workshops. Our products shine a spotlight on our time-tested patisserie techniques, artisanal movements, and know-how. We carefully select our ingredients for their flavour and characteristics. To preserve the most important elements of each ingredient, we prefer to use cold instead of sugar. Refrigeration in positive cold, freezing in negative cold, we use the best that technology has to offer. Our only objective is the pleasure and emotions our creations evoke. Our pastries, our macarons, our chocolates are all sensitive to temperature differences and can only be kept for a short period of time. Packaging them perfectly is thus vital. This fragility is explained in particular due to their high water content, which can lead to the development of microorganisms, but also due to the absence of preservatives in our process. We know that certain ingredients, and certain products, are particularly fragile.  As a result we freeze then unfreeze them to preserve their texture, to limit the development of microbes and to preserve all of their organoleptic properties in tact. We control the temperature and hygrometry at each stage of product life to ensure that our customers have an incomparable experience.