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Available from 4/1/2019

Available to 5/26/2019

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Pâte sablée, passion fruit crème brûlée, strawberry-rhubarb compote, fresh strawberries.

The taste of strawberry... Pierre Hermé is featuring this taste of this tart red fruit, perfect for spring. First, the bright fruitiness of passion fruit crème brûlée showcases the fresh strawberries, used unadorned and arranged around the top of the cake. Then the strawberry-rhubarb combo contributes its own, unique snap of acidity.

Each bite is like a beam of sunshine spotlighting the strawberry, in all its splendour. 

Available in 3/4 servings & 6/8 servings.

Storage and consumption: Keep in the refrigerator until serving.

To best enjoy this product, serve on the date of purchase.

Contains allergens: Gluten, almonds (traces of nuts), dairy products, eggs, animal gelatine, chocolate and soya.

Recommended beverages: Mineral water, Earl-Grey tea, Muscat from Corsica, Champagne rosé de Saignée dry Duval-Leroy.

Birthday candles are available for purchase in our boutique.