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Available from 5/28/2019

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Choux pastry with roastedalmond slivers, rose mascarpone cream, litchis and fresh raspberries.

An all-time favourite. Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, the Paris-Brest is a unique epicurean experience. In its Ispahan manifestation, the experience is positively otherworldly. Litchi bits topped with rose cream contribute their rich sweetness atop a choux pastry base with roasted almond slivers, while fresh raspberries frolic alongside de cake. Tradition harmonises with the favourite house flavour combination, like partners dancing in perfect unison.

Available in individual serving, 3/4 servings & 6/8 servings.

Storage and consumption: Refrigerate before serving.

Consume the same day.

Contains gluten, egg, milk, almond, fish, alcohol. 

May contain traces of others nuts, peanut, soya and sesame.

Recommended beverages: A Muscat wine from Corsica, a Gewurztraminer (Grand Cru, Vendanges Tardives or Sélection de Grains Nobles) or a Pierre Hermé Paris brand tea (Thé Ispahan).