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Brioche pastry moistened with a syrup of old dark agricultural rum, Chantilly cream.

The invention of the famous baba is attributed to Stanislas Leszczynski, the king of Poland living in exile in Lorraine. Taking a kugelhopf, which he thought too dry, he drizzled wine over it. Now a great classic in the art of French pastry-making, the baba is a cake consisting of leavened brioche dough moistened with a rum-based syrup and garnished with Chantilly cream.

Available in individual servings, 3/4 servings or 6/8 servings.

A small flask of old dark agricultural rum accompanies each purchase of the 3/4 or 6/8 size.

Storage and consumption: Refrigerate until serving.

To reimbibe the baba, cut into portions and drizzle liquor over it from the bottle provided.

Consume the same day.

Contains gluten, egg, milk, alcohol.

May contain traces of nuts, peanut, fish, soya and sesame.

Recommended beverages: Old dark agricultural rum, mineral water or Earl Grey tea.

Birthday candles are available for purchase in our boutique.