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Available from 2/15/2019

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Caramelized puff pastry, mascarpone cream made with Pierre Hermé's vanilla. 

This Millefeuille spotlights the pure taste of real vanilla, underscored by the caramelized puff pastry and textural variations yielding different sensations : caramelized crisp puff pastry, rich vanilla mascarpone cream. Infinitely delicious.Infiniment Vanille features a combined vanilla from several different provenances (Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar) which has become the "house vanilla", Pierre Hermé's concept of the ideal vanilla.

Available in 3/4 servings, 6/8 servings, or 10/12 servings.

Keep in the refrigerator until serving. To best enjoy this product, serve on date of purchase.

Contains allergens: gluten, almonds (traces of nuts), dairy products, eggs, animal gelatin.

Recommended beverages: Sauternes, Sainte-Croix-du Mont, water.

Birthday candles available upon request in boutique at time of order pick-up.