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Available from 7/26/2019

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Fresh mint ice cream and red fruits sorbet.

Refreshing combination of mint and red berries. Dominated by the delicate taste of wild strawberry, the red berries make a perfect partner for the bright, lively taste of mint.

Available in container of 160ml and 940 ml, ice creams and sorbets can be transported in our special insulated packaging containing a cooling insert which maintains its proper temperature for approximately 45 minutes.

Keep in freezer and remove to refrigerator thirty minutes before serving.

Ingredients glace Miléna : Whole MILK, strawberry 18%, sugar, raspberry 6%, cream (MILK), glucose syrup, wild strawberry 4%, redcurrant 3%, blackcurrant 3%, mint 2%, EGG yolk, skimmed MILK powder, mint liquor, stabilisers (MILK protein, gelatine, E407, E410, E440), emulsifiers (E401, E412, E471), alcohol.

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, gluten, soya, fish and sesame.

Déclaration nutritionnelle pour/Nutritional Values per 100g : Energie/energy: 155kcal, 653kJ; graisses/fat: 3,7g dont acides gras saturés/of wich saturates: 2,2g; glucides/carbohydrate: 28g dont sucres/of wich sugars: 27g; protéines/protein: 2,2g; sel/salt : 0,06g.

Recommended beverages: mineral water, tea, coffee.

Price per liter for 160ml : 45€.