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A layer of tender chocolate cake, rich chocolate cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate crisp, thin wafers of crisp chocolate.

This creation makes good on a promise dating to the creation of Fetish “Infiniment Chocolat.” Pierre Hermé has fun playing with this texture – soft, tender and rich – and creating shades of taste. Poised delicately atop a semi-dense, rich brownie are three layers: chocolate crisp surmounted by a rich cream and a light chocolate mousse. A thin wafer of chocolate provides the finishing crunch. In this theatre of contrasts, the starring role goes to ultra-chocolaty tastes.

Available in individual serving and 4/6 servings.

Keep in refrigerator until serving. To best enjoy this product, serve within 2 days of purchase.

Contains allergens: gluten, almonds (traces of nuts), hazelnuts, dairy products, eggs, chocolate, animal gelatin, soya.

Recommended beverages : tea, coffee, water, hot chocolate, Banyuls Vintage, Maury Vintage.

Birthday candles are available for purchase in our boutique.