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Selection composed of :

- An assortment of chocolate bonbons (120g)

Flora : Corsican Nepeta ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Ampa: Pure Origin Madagascan dark chocolate ganache, Millot Plantation, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Infiniment Praliné Noisette: Crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut praline, smooth almond paste, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,7)
Makassar: Salted-butter caramel mousse ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Infiniment Citron: Lemon fruit paste, lemon ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate (2, 4, 5, 6)
Infiniment Café Iapar Rouge du Brésil: Iapar Rouge du Brésil coffee ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Infiniment chocolat Bélize: Pure Origin Belizean dark chocolate ganache, Cayo District, Xibun Plantation, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Infiniment Pamplemousse: Grapefruit ganache and fruit paste, enrobed in dark chocolate (4,5)
Mogador: Passion fruit and milk chocolate ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate (4,5)
Hommage: Milk chocolate and chestnut ganache, pear fruit paste, enrobed in Milk chocolate (4, 5, 17)
Ouvre-toi: Sesame praline, sesame nougatine, enrobed in milk chocolate (4, 5, 6, 11)
Mathilda: Almond praline with lemon zest, roasted almonds slivers, enrobed in milk chocolate (4, 5, 6)
Infiniment Chocolat au Lait: Caramelised milk chocolate ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate (4,5)

- 12 macarons assorted : 

ISPAHAN (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Rose, Litchi & Raspberry

MOGADOR (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit

Madagascan Vanilla

INFINIMENT CITRON (allergens 2-5-6)

INFINIMENT CHOCOLAT BALI (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Pure Origin Balinese Dark Chocolate

INFINIMENT ROSE (allergens 2-5-6)
Rose & Rose Petals

INFINIMENT FLEUR D'ORANGER (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Orange Blossom & Orange

Hazelnut Praline & Crispy Praline

AURORA (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Rose & Bergamot

KALLISTÉ (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Citrus Fruit & Honey

INFINIMENT PISTACHE (allergens 2-4-5-6-8)

JARDIN ANDALOU (allergens 2-4-5-6)
Olive Oil and Mandarin, Orange & Red Berries

Subject to availability.

The macarons will keep for 4 days in the lower part of your refrigerator. We advise taking them out half an hour before serving to get the full benefit of their textures and flavours.

Recommended beverages : tea, coffee, water.

The figures noted next to each macaron allow you to identify the allergens directly present in each recipe: 1: Gluten - 2: Egg - 3: Peanuts - 4: Soybeans (without GMO) - 5: Milk - 6: Almonds - 7: Hazelnuts - 8: Pistachios - 9: Pecan nuts - 10: Other nuts - 11: Sesame seeds - 12 : Celery - 13 : Mustard - 14 : Crustaceans, fishes, molluscs - 15 : Fish gelatin - 16 : SO²* All our macarons contain traces of gluten, egg, peanuts, soya, other nuts and sesame seeds. *SO² Sulfites, sulfur dioxide, SO2 concentration > 10mg/kg of product

Chocolate bonbons :

Sugar, cocoa beans (19,9%), cream (MILK), cocoa butter, chopped ALMONDS (5,8%), concentrate butter (MILK), whole MILK powder, chopped HAZELNUTS (3,3%), glucose syrup, lemon juice and zests (2,2%), raspberries puree (1,5%), water, passion fruits puree (1,3%), butter (MILK), chestsnuts paste (1%), litchis puree (0,8%), pears puree (0,7%), caramel (skimmed MILK, whey (MILK), sugar, butter (MILK) and flavor), hydrogenated coconut oil, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, apple juice, whole MILK, ground red Iapar coffee (0,2%), invert sugar, thickener: pectin (E440I), natural vanilla extract, Guérande salt, dried "Népita", acidifiers : E334 and E300, black pepper, pear eau-de-vie, natural rose flavor, vanilla pods powder, lemon essential oil, dyes : beta carotene, E129, E171, E102 and E133.

Energie/calories: 486 kcal, 2031 kJ; graisses/total fat: 36g dont acides gras saturés/saturated fatty acids: 20g; glucides/total carbohydrates: 34g dont sucres/sugars: 32g; protéines/proteins: 6,1g; sel/salt : 0,1g.

Price per kilo : 175€.

Ingredients of macarons :

ISPAHAN (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, ALMONDS, EGG white, cocoa butter, litchis puree (7,4%), whole MILK powder, water, rapsberry puree (3,3%), cream (MILK), glucose syrup, emulsifiers : GMO-free SOYA lecithin and E471, rose natural flavor, thickener : pectin, acidifier : E334, vanilla natural extract and colour : carmines.

MOGADOR (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, passion fruits puree (14%), ALMONDS, EGG white, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa beans (5,8%), invert sugar, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, dyes : curcumin yellow and cochineal carmine.

INFINIMENT CHOCOLAT BALI (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, cream (MILK), cocoa beans 15%, ALMONDS, white EGG, butter (MILK), cocoa butter, emulsifier : GMO free SOYA lecithin, vanilla natural extract, Guérande salt, colour: carmines.

INFINIMENT FLEUR D'ORANGER (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, cream (MILK), ALMONDS, EGG white, cocoa butter, oranges puree, water, whole MILK powder, glucose syrup, jasmine tea (1%), invert sugar syrup, natural jasmine flavor, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla extract, natural orange blossom flavor, dyes : curcumin yellow and cochineal carmine.

INFINIMENT PRALINÉ NOISETTE (allergènes 2-4-5-6-7) Sugar, HAZELNUTS (15,2%), ALMONDS, EGG white, butter (MILK), HAZELNUTS paste, water, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, natural vanilla extract, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin and vanilla powder.

INFINIMENT VANILLE DE MADAGASCAR (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, cream (MILK), ALMONDS, EGG white, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, vanilla pods powder (1,1%), invert sugar, vanilla powder, emulsifier: GMO-free SOYA lecithin and natural vanilla extract.

INFINIMENT PISTACHE  Sugar, cream (MILK), ALMONDS, EGG white, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, green PISTACHIO paste (2.3%), emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla extract, PISTACHIO flavor, dyes : chlorophyll green and curcumin yellow.

INFINIMENT CITRON (allergènes 2-5-6) Sugar, EGGS, ALMONDS, butter (MILK), lemon juice and zests (9,8%), cocoa butter and dye: curcumin yellow.

ULTIME (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, cream (MILK), ALMONDS, cocoa beans, EGG white, cocoa butter, butter (MILK), whole MILK powder, vanilla pods powder (0,5%), invert sugar, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, Guérande salt, natural vanilla extract and dye : cochineal carmine.

AURORA (allergènes 2-5-6) Sugar, butter (MILK), ALMONDS, EGG white, MILK, EGG yolk, rose syrup (sugar, rose flavour, colour carmosine), bergamot essential oil, colours (carmines, curcumin)

JARDIN ANDALOU (allergènes 2-4-5-6) Sugar, ALMONDS, EGG white, mandarin olive oil (9,6%), cream (MILK), cocoa butter, strawberry puree (3,3%), whole MILK powder, glucose syrup, raspberry puree (1,1%), wild strawberry puree (0,8%), blackcurrants puree (0,6%), red currants puree (0,6%), lemon juice, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, acidifier : E334, thickener : pectin, natural vanilla extract, dyes : cochineal carmine and curcumin yellow.

KALLISTÉ (allergènes 2-5-6) Sugar, cream (MILK), ALMONDS, white EGG, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, honey 2%, lemon juice 0,9%, orange juice 0,9%, mandarin zest 0,3%, emulsifier : GMO free SOYA lecithin, vanilla natural extract, colours (curcumin, carmines).

Déclaration nutritionnelle pour/Nutritional Values per 100 g : énergie/ energy: 2000kJ/ 479kcal ; matières grasses/ fat: 29g ; dont acides gras saturés/of which saturates: 9,6g ; glucides/ carbohydrate: 49g ; dont sucres/ of which sugars: 40g ; protéines/ protein: 6,6g ; sel/salt: 0,10g.

Weight : 180 g

Price per kilo : 183 €.

Defrosted product/ Do not re-freeze:

About our manufacturing techniques.

Creations from Pierre Hermé in Paris are produced in our own workshops. Our products shine a spotlight on our time-tested patisserie techniques, artisanal movements, and know-how. We carefully select our ingredients for their flavour and characteristics. To preserve the most important elements of each ingredient, we prefer to use cold instead of sugar. Refrigeration in positive cold, freezing in negative cold, we use the best that technology has to offer. Our only objective is the pleasure and emotions our creations evoke. Our pastries, our macarons, our chocolates are all sensitive to temperature differences and can only be kept for a short period of time. Packaging them perfectly is thus vital. This fragility is explained in particular due to their high water content, which can lead to the development of microorganisms, but also due to the absence of preservatives in our process. We know that certain ingredients, and certain products, are particularly fragile.  As a result we freeze then unfreeze them to preserve their texture, to limit the development of microbes and to preserve all of their organoleptic properties in tact. We control the temperature and hygrometry at each stage of product life to ensure that our customers have an incomparable experience.