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Available from 9/24/2019

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Shortbread pastry, milk chocolate, passion fruit and ginger ganache, roasted pineapple, flourless chocolate cake.

This elegant, sophisticated tart features fruity, complex flavours with a snap of acidity. The chocolate plays in a major key. Hints of spice set off the concentrated, caramelized taste of roasted pineapple while the passion fruit is softened by the smooth roundness of the milk chocolate.

Available in Individual serving, 3/4 servings and 6/8 servings.

Storage and consumption : Refrigerate.

Remove from the refrigerator one hour before serving.

Contains gluten, egg, soya, milk, almond, alcohol.

May contain traces of peanut, others nuts, fish, sesame.

Recommended beverages: Wine (Muscat de Frontignan, a fortified wine from Provence) or tea.

Birthday candles are available for purchase in our boutique.