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Available from 8/19/2019

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Caramelised puff pastry, thin layers of white chocolate, rice pudding with mascarpone, mascarpone cream, tender-crisp fruits with balsamic vinegar gelée.

The mascarpone teams up with the rice pudding to form a sort of "white millefeuille" offering many delicate sensations and tastes.

Available in Individual serving, 3/4 servings and 6/8 servings.

Keep in the refrigerator until serving.

To best enjoy this product, serve within 2 days of purchase.

Contains soya, milk, gluten, almond, pistachio, egg, fish, sulfites, alcohol.

May contain traces of others nuts, peanut and sesame.

Recommended beverages : Muscat from Corsica, tea, coffee, mineral water.

Birthday candles are available for purchase in our boutique.