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Available from 7/26/2019

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Lychee and rose sorbet and raspberry sorbet.

Available in container of 160ml & 940 ml, ice creams and sorbets can be transported in our special insulated packaging containing a cooling insert which maintains its proper temperature for approximately 45 minutes.

Keep in freezer and remove to refrigerator thirty minutes before serving.

Ingredients sorbet Ispahan : Raspberry 33%, lychee 27%, sugar, water, glucose syrup, lemon juice, rose natural flavour, rose flavour, invert sugar syrup, stabilisers (MILK protein, gelatine, E407, E410, E440), colour : carmoisine, alcohol.

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, egg, gluten, soya, fish and sesam.

Déclaration nutritionnelle pour/Nutritional Values per 100g : Energie/energy: 138kcal, 586kJ; graisses/fat: 0g dont acides gras saturés/of wich saturates: 0g; glucides/carbohydrate: 34g dont sucres/of wich sugars: 32g; protéines/protein 0,7g; sel/salt : 0g.

Recommended beverages: Mineral water, Tea, Coffee.

Price per liter for 160ml : 45€.