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Caramelised blond chocolate, 32% cocoa with fleur de sel, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, sultanas, candied ginger and orange peels.


Storage and consumption : keep in the original packaging in a cool (15°-18°), dry place away from light and odors. If you must refrigerate, wrap the box in cling film and take out of refrigerator 2 hours before serving.

Cocoa butter, sugar, whole MILK powder, HAZELNUTS (6,6%), ALMONDS (5,8%), skimmed MILK powder, whey (MILK), orange cubes (3,4%), green PISTACHIOS (3,3%), dried grapes (3,3%), chopped ginger (3,3%), butter (MILK), glucose syrup, emulsifier : GMO-free SOYA lecithin, Guérande salt (0,3%), water and natural vanilla extract.

May contain traces of nuts, gluten, eggs, sesame, peanuts and sulfur dioxide.

Energie/calories: 556 kcal, 2322 kJ; graisses/total fat: 39g dont acides gras saturés/saturated fatty acids: 19g; glucides/total carbohydrates: 44g dont sucres/sugars: 42g; protéines/proteins: 8,2g; sel/salt : 0,6g.

Price per kilo : 110€.