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Philippe Baudelocque Universe

Philippe Baudelocque is a creator of monumental murals. He creates freehand in chalk. Sometimes drafted on preparatory sketches, his works are spread on their support in improvisation, by the rhythm of the motives that he repeats and diffracts while they compose his gigantic subject, often that of an imaginary animal, but also of abstract affabulations or symbolic morphograms.


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Born in 1974 in Yerres (France), where he lives and works, he takes his first artistic steps in the graffiti scene of the late 1980s: he will keep his passion for the work of the letter, the monumentality of painting, the energy and the desire to confront art with the environment. Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2002, he started in 2009, "Cosmic Animals", a series of chalk murals that made him famous.

The sophisticated aesthetics found in the anatomy of its "chimeric animals" is characterized by a cluster of cells representing a dimension. For each dimension, Baudelocque creates a pattern, offering a work of rare complexity. It is then difficult for passers-by not to stop to admire the multitude of details that make up each of these animals.


From a first artistic experience on the graffiti scene at the end of the 80s, Philippe Baudelocque conserves the energy and monumentality of the supports he invests from a modest medium, chalk, in a practice of drawing. His universe of artist-laborantine, transcribed freehand, is inspired by quantum physics, mathematics, rhythms and laws of nature...


“My drawings are designed like millefeuilles. They present many motifs, accessible to all, without need of explanation. I prefer to let the public project themselves as freely as possible, whatever the medium, it remains for me a playground." To know more about the universe and the works of Philippe Baudelocque on his website

2021 EPIPHANY For the Epiphany, Pierre Hermé continues his collaboration with Philippe Beaudelocque to create three trinkets with a unique motif, in the form of a seven-pointed star, small celestial fragment, which, like a piece of an asteroid, slips in each galette.


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Fééries Célestes Collection with Philippe Baudelocque

Discover the Christmas 2020 Collection. Pierre Hermé takes us into a magical and poetic ascent into a fascinating imaginary universe. He leads us into another dimension, with the exploration of tastes and emotions as his only guide to his unique nature-inspired creations and the Fééries Célestes – Celestial Enchantments, of the artist Philippe Beaudelocque.