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Lemon ice cream, lemon almond paste, macaron biscuits.

The macaron has subjugated the ice cream scene, for a delicious cold dessert that will have you melting with pleasure. It offers an entirely new sensation, an ultra-creamy consistency and the subtle taste of almonds, setting up a fabulous contrast between texture and taste. This innovative treat invented by Pierre Hermé is certain to set a new trend. It combines the best of the macaron, as well as all of the qualities that make ice cream so deliciously addictive. Who but Pierre Hermé would have dared such a love match? Guaranteed chills and thrills in the run-up to summer.

The zing of lemon juice and the bitterness of the zest teams up with the fragrance and subtle texture of almond macaron. The refreshing aftertaste of this light sorbet lingers delightfully, a wonderful incentive to repeat the experience.

Available in containers of 1 liter and 140 ml, ice creams and sorbets can be transported in our special insulated packaging containing a cooling insert which maintains its proper temperature for approximately 45 minutes.

Storage and consumption: Store in freezer. Place in refrigerator thirty minutes before serving.

Water, lemon juice, sugar, glucose syrup, ALMOND, lemon zest, white EGG, skimmed MILK powder, invert sugar syrup, stabilisers (MILK protein, gelatin, E407, E410, E440), colour : curcumin. 

May contain traces of others nuts, peanut, soya,  fish and sesam. 

Déclaration nutritionnelle pour/Nutritional Values per 100g : Energie/energy: 149kcal, 630kJ; graisses/fat: 2,9g dont acides gras saturés/of wich saturates: 0,2g; glucides/carbohydrate: 29g dont sucres/of wich sugars: 25g; protéines/protein 1,9g; sel/salt : 0,04g.

Recommended beverages: mineral water, tea, coffee.