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Christmas Nomades Yule Logs

An ode to chocolate, the Nomade Origine celebrates the chocolate from Hacienda Eleonor in Ecuador. In this perfectly curved dessert, the chocolate expresses its most beautiful finery, gently revealing its deep aromas until the last bite. Then, for a few more minutes of pleasure, the exquisite afterglow of the Grands Chocolats settles in.

For Christmas, the Nomade Ispahan is dressed in its finest finery. The macaroon biscuit is combined with a light cream with the sweet and delicate scent of rose, whose flavours are prolonged by the floral and fresh notes of the letchi accompanied by the lively and acidic swirl of a raspberry compote.

Pierre Hermé offers an ode to the essential Piedmont hazelnut. An experience of tastes and sensations, the hazelnut offers all its facets to this infinitely greedy dessert. Soft biscuit, smooth cream, crispy caramelised praline and crunchy hazelnut chips promise a journey to the very edge of pleasure.

How to order my Nomade Yule Log?

- When to order my Nomade Yule Log? -

In order to ensure the delivery of your Nomade Yul Log in time for Christmas, orders can only be placed until December 17th. For Christmas, the shipping costs are complimentary.

- Where can I receive my Nomade Yule Log? -

The Nomade Yule Logs can be shipped anywhere in Metropolitan France with the ChronoFreeze delivery service.

- How do I store and enjoy my Nomade Yule Log? -

Pierre Hermé Paris uses technology at its best. Sending our Christmas cakes in negative cold (-18°C) preserves all their aesthetic and gustatory characteristics and, after defrosting in positive cold, allows them to regain their optimal quality in terms of flavor.  My Nomade Yule Log can be kept in the freezer in its box until consumption. It should be defrosted for 8 hours in its box in the refrigerator and consumed within 2 days after defrosting.



Pierre Hermé invites us into a chimerical universe born of experimentation and imagination, a world composed of marvellous gardens with opulent beds and clouds. Christmas is that magical time of the year when daydreaming is the source of all legends and tales. This extraordinary one takes us to the limits of taste and sensations. The artist Safia Ouares' line draws the eye into a phantasmagorical wanderings.