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Fééries Célestes Collection with Philippe Baudelocque


For his Christmas collection, Pierre Hermé takes us into a magical and poetic ascent into a fascinating imaginary universe. He leads us into another dimension, with the exploration of tastes and emotions as his only guide to his unique nature-inspired creations and the Fééries Célestes – Celestial Enchantments, of the artist Philippe

Discover the Christmas 2020 "Fééeries Célestes" Catalog

Together, they imagined a phantasmagoric tale in which the richness of the drawing’s strokes meet the precision of the infinitely chiseled tastes and the contrasts of textures of the “Picasso of Pastry’s” creations. Their sensibility brings them closer, their freedom in creation unites them.

Together they welcome us into a world of sensations, one through the architecture of tastes and the other through his delicate stroke, both creating sincere emotions, opening us to infinity. Philippe Beaudelocque, who’s used to black and white contrasts, chooses a deep indigo blue here that gives a new perspective to the drawing and thus sharing his art on each package of the collection.


Philippe Baudelocque slips the immensity of the universe into his work, the infinitely wide achieved by juxtaposing the infinitely small. This is how the union of two universes settles, unexpectedly, surprisingly, sparklingly, before it naturally and merely interlocks. The pairings accuracy, the precision of the balance of flavours are combined with the delicacy of the stroke and the depth of the colour in order to create intense emotions, celestial sensations.

This collection appears when gazing deeply into the deep sky, illuminated by a shining galaxy full of enchanted Yule logs, macaron’s constellations, mystical stars and bright epiphany cakes.


Philippe’s personality, his work, his unique form of expression are whatdrew me to him. He was able to create his art, an art that is his own and is unlike any other. Pierre Hermé


Christmas Fairy Tales

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Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar

Each drawer is filled with chocolate bonbons and delicacies that shine like a mantle of stars, for a magical and poetic ascent to the heights of greed, with the exploration of taste as only guide.



Born in 1974 in Yerres (France), where he lives and works, he takes his first artistic steps in the graffiti scene of the late 1980s: he will keep his passion for the work of the letter, the monumentality of painting, the energy and the desire to confront art with the environment. Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2002, he started in 2009, "Cosmic Animals", a series of chalk murals that made him famous.