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GALETTE INFINIMENT AMANDE Pierre Hermé reinterprets the traditional Galette des Rois by accentuating a new facet of the Almond. Gently roasted to enhance its flavour, the dried fruits are scattered throughout the cake, making it a crunchy and sweet treat. A perfect balance of contrasts between crispy golden layers and the taste of roasted Almonds.

GALETTE ISPAHAN Galette des Rois that immerses us into the unique and magical universe of La Maison Fetish association of flavours : Ispahan. In the almond cream, we can taste sweet rose flavours that match the litchi ones, twisted by the vivacity of the raspberry.


GALETTE JARDIN DE L'ATLAS An interpretation of the eponymous macaron as a galette. Flavours reveal themselves gradually, the crispiness of the puff pastry establishes itself, followed by tastes of orange blossom and honey and concludes on the lemon’s vivid and tangy notes.

BRIOCHE DES ROIS ORPHÉO Ultimate delicacy, Pierre Hermé imagines a Brioche des Rois with a light and extra fluffy texture. The melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cream extends the unctuosity of the brioche while the crunchy praline and caramelized nut slivers punctuate the tasting with an irresistible crisp.

COLLABORATION WITH PHILIPPE BAUDELOCQUE For the Epiphany, Pierre Hermé continues his collaboration with Philippe Beaudelocque to create three trinkets with a unique motif, in the form of a seven-pointed star, small celestial fragment, which, like a piece of an asteroid, slips in each galette.



Discover the Christmas 2020 Collection. Pierre Hermé takes us into a magical and poetic ascent into a fascinating imaginary universe. He leads us into another dimension, with the exploration of tastes and emotions as his only guide to his unique nature-inspired creations and the Fééries Célestes – Celestial Enchantments, of the artist Philippe Beaudelocque.