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The "Bûche d'Exception Infiniment Praliné Pistache" Yule Log


Pierre Hermé imagines a log where the pistachio is precious and dreamy. In the confines of an imaginary garden, the dried fruit with its rounded shapes delivers its most secret flavours to an Infinitely Praline Pistachio Log. Pierre Hermé plays a score full of contrasts: soft, unctuous, crisp and crunchy, offering the pistachio as many scenes of expression as nuances of taste.


2021 Christmas Yule Logs

A fetish flavour from the House, the Ispahan log is revealed like a bouquet freshly picked in the gardens of Alkinos. The soft biscuit reveals the sweet and precious scents of the rose, whose taste is prolonged by the floral notes of the lettuce, punctuated by the acidity and fragrance of the thunderous raspberry.

The marron glacé and the clementine come together naturally. The chestnut sets the tone, its slight bitterness and texture are enhanced by the fragrance of a clementine confit in a unique complicity of tastes. The Turin chestnuts are processed and candied by Maison Corsiglia in Aubagne and the Corsican clementine confit is prepared by Confiserie Saint Sylvestre in Soveria.


Ode to chocolate! Pierre Hermé magnifies the aromas of pure origin chocolate from the Hacienda Eleonor plantation with its unique character, whose notes develop as you taste and whose aromatic persistence is astonishing. To sublimate the character of this exceptional chocolate, the log alternates the supple texture of a soft chocolate biscuit with the silkiness of a ganache punctuated with fleur de sel chocolate chips.


Pierre Hermé offers us a sparkling journey with exotic notes. Escaped from luxuriant gardens, the fruits mix their perfumes in an original composition on a background of citrus flavoured baba pastry and crispy coconut shortbread. The flavours of caramelised and spiced roasted pineapple combine with the tangy sweetness of a passion fruit jelly punctuated by the aromatic notes of a lime and vanilla cream.


2021 Christmas Collection "Rêveries Infinies"

Dreaming of a Christmas tale. Pierre Hermé invites us into an enchanted world of opulent gardens and chimerical clouds. Christmas is that magical time of year when daydreaming is the source of all journeys. This extraordinary one takes us to the limits of taste and sensations in a fairy tale designed by Safia Ouares. The eye is caught by the drawing, offering the mind a magical wander.